Two new festivals!

Stella has been accepted to the Florida Film Festival and the Albuquerque Film and Music Experience! You can find the showtimes on the screenings page.

2015 AFME Laurels Official Selection Color








About roblucas1978

Rob Lucas is a media professional from the Akron, Ohio area.
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2 Responses to Two new festivals!

  1. But can you send me the film to watch on my laptop. I am in Northeast Ohio, and don’t have the funds to travel to Florida or Albuquerque — even though I would love to. Any reason Stella Walsh is not in Cleveland International Film Festival?

    • roblucas1978 says:

      Thanks for asking about “Stella.” The movie will be screening at the Cleveland International Film Festival on March 25th at 9:20 pm at Tower City Cinemas in Ohio Shorts Program 2.

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