About the Crew

"Stella Walsh" crew

Co-Producer/Editor Steve Felix (left) and Writer/Director/Producer Rob Lucas (right)

Rob Lucas
Executive Producer, Director, Writer, Co-editor
Rob Lucas founded the Akron Film Festival in 2002 as a graduate student at The University of Akron. During his time as an instructor at the University, Rob premiered his first feature-length movie, American Stories, at the 2006 film festival. Since then he has served as the director of publicity for Akron Film+Pixel. He has a B.A. and M.A. in Communication and currently works as the managing editor for Gray & Company, Publishers.

Steve Felix
Producer, Videographer, Co-editor
Steve acquired and served over 120 clients as a self-employed videomaker from 2001-2008, then took a full-time graphic design position from 2009-2011. Today he’s the Executive Director of Akron Film+Pixel, which operates the micro-cinema The Nightlight and partners with the Akron Art Museum, Akron-Summit County Main Library, and Summit Artspace for film events.


1 Response to About the Crew

  1. David Smyth says:

    keep up the AWESOME work guys
    look forward to watch the film when it comes out

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