“Stella” nominated for The Bud Greenspan Award

122610 bud greenspanIt’s a tremendous honor to announce that “Stella Walsh” has been nominated for the Bud Greenspan Award by the Track & Field Writers of America. Greenspan was one of the most prominent and celebrated filmmakers to ever write and direct documentaries about Olympic athletes.

The award was created in 2010 by his filmmaking partner, Nancy Beffa, just after his death. It is presented each year to the best track and field movie as determined by the T&FWA. This year “Stella” is one of eight movies nominated. The winner will be announced at a special program in New York on February 12 and the award will be presented on February 14 at the Millrose Games, which, coincidentally, was the event where Stella Walsh broke her first World Record in 1930.

Thank you to Nancy Beffa, Jack Pfeiffer and Kimberley Spir for considering “Stella Walsh” for this award.

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Rob Lucas is a media professional from the Akron, Ohio area.
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